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This terms and conditions is to govern the contractual relations between Customers and Nengee Smart Shuttles & Logistics Limited, (hereinafter referred to simply as the “Nengee”), with regards to any undertaking or transaction about our transportation services.

Except specific terms and conditions are agreed with a Customer, and unless otherwise provided, the terms and conditions herein are applicable.

The Customer or any other agent acting on his/her behalf, hereby acknowledges to have read these terms prior to booking, and expressly accepts to be bound by them.

Due to the deplorable nature of our roads in Nigerian and the negative effects of the failed Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) monetary policy, as well as the hike in the price of petroleum products, the pricing of our services as well as the estimated take off and arrival timelines are approximations only and not definite, hence they may be subject to change independent of our travel schedule or decision.

Bookings, Payments & Reservation

Bookings, payments and reservations for both shared or Hired NENGEE reservations can be made onsite at our terminal addresses provided here or online via this link www.nengeesmartshuttle.com. In the unlikely event a reservation duly made is not secured probably due to a technical glitch on our site, affected Client(s) will be rescheduled to another departure time at no extra cost. 

NENGEE generally has a no refund policy for all reservations made from any of its sales platforms. Tickets and reservations cannot be transferred to a third parties without the prior permission of NENGEE first sought and obtained.

Check-in & Boarding

Customers on shared service are required to check-in at the designated take off terminals latest 20 (Twenty) minutes before the fixed time of departure, as departure time will not be extended for Customers who don’t check in and board on schedule. In the event a Customer fails to show up at the designated terminal as and when due as a result of lateness or complete change in travel plans, a penalty of twenty [20%] percent of the cost of the Customer’s ticket will be charged for rescheduling. Customers who book our shared service but fail to show up on schedule may be provided an alternative vehicle but subject to the availability of the vehicle and seat.

Luggage Regulations

Customers on shared service are advised to travel with luggage not exceeding 20kg on NENGEE. For logistics purposes, we are unable to accommodate any luggage exceeding 20 kg, on shared services for each Customer.


We  strongly advice and recommend that Customers should give prior notice and make arrangement with NENGEE in cases of excess luggage at the point of booking/reservation so as to clarify on the best means of transporting the Customer’s luggage. In cases where Customer’s luggage exceeds the regulated weight or dimensions, affected Customers will be asked to either purchase extra seat(s) to accommodate the luggage or pay for alternative arrangement on prior or subsequent vehicles going along the same route.


Customers are solely responsible for proper packing and packaging of their luggage/property on transit as NENGEE will not be held responsible for goods/luggage damaged due to poor/inappropriate packaging. We also recommend the use of flexible travelling bags/boxes as rigid/plastic boxes are fragile and may pose a challenge during luggage loading, handling or offloading. Fragile items such as electronics, laptops and other valuables are to be carried by Customers. Fragile hand luggage are not to be placed in the trunk of our vehicles.


It must be noted that items banned either by the Nigeria Customs Service, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, National Food & Drugs Administration and Control or any other Nigerian Law for the time being in force, or such other illegal or prohibited items/products/goods are not allowed on our Vehicles. Regulated items/products/goods are to be disclosed and necessary permissions for conveying such luggage/property confirmed before check-in/boarding. 

NENGEE will not hesitate to report and hand over Customers who attempt to, or break any law, to relevant authorities and will not be held liable or responsible for the confiscation or seizure of any such items by law enforcement agencies. Explosives and such other hazardous materials such as but not limited to – gas cylinders (empty or with content), generators, building materials, fuel in gallons, agrochemicals, herbicides, pesticides; are not allowed on our vehicles.


On each parcel, item or luggage unit, clear labelling shall be provided to allow immediate and clear identification of the owner, consignee, place of delivery where applicable and the nature of the goods. The information on the labels must match those appearing on the Customer’s receipts/boarding pass. Labels shall also meet any applicable regulatory requirements, notably those pertaining to hazardous/regulated products.

Luggage is conveyed at owner’s risk especially those on shared service, Customers are advised to monitor their property until arrival and disembarking from the vehicle. Found but unclaimed properties/luggage will be kept for a maximum of 30 (thirty) days before being disposed of (except perishable items which will be discarded depending on how soon they may get bad). Customers shall be solely liable for all consequences arising from lack of poor labelling or marking of luggage/property.

Reservation rescheduling

Customers with unused reservations are entitled to a grace period of 30 (thirty) days within which to utilize the reservations or consider such reservation(s) forfeited. Note that all rescheduling is subject to vehicle and seat availability on desired route and subject to current rates.

Online transaction Complications

Customers are expected to contact their respective banks and obtain statement of account in the event they request a refund due to double debits and or debits on card transactions or USSD payments without value using our online booking platform to enable us substantiate and resolve such claims.

Requests for refunds due to online complications may also be processed by sending a mail to [email protected], Confirmed errors will be addressed provided the account number to be credited has been provided by the Customer, a refund will be made within 5 [seven] to 10 [ten] working days.


We care about the welfare of underage Customers and have magnanimously offered a 50% rebate on tickets purchased for children between ages 2 to 12 online. Under age Customers below 12 years cannot travel alone. Discount for under age Customers is limited to a maximum of 3 (three) under age Customers per Parent. Unaccompanied Customers between the ages of 12 to 17 can travel on the condition that the parent or guardian of the underage Customer fills appropriate forms authorizing such movement at the point of reservations/booking.


We do our best to maintain our vehicles in order to fulfil our brief by satisfying our customers, however in the event that any of our vehicles breaks down while enroute, alternative arrangements will be made to convey Customers to their destination within the best possible time.

Where an alternative vehicle is provided by NENGEE to complete the trip, tickets cannot be reused and the Customers will not be entitled to any form of compensation for the delays occasioned to get a new vehicle to complete the trip.

All trips that are rescheduled after active booking and reservation attract a 40% rescheduling fee.

For further inquiries and or complaints please contact our customer relations desk via email at [email protected] or mobile phone on: +2348130264008 or +2349117515626